Klemsan IOT

KIO (Klemsan Internet Objects) developed by Klemsan is a web-based IoT platform which enables monitoring, reporting, and analyzing different energy types.
Modular and compact structure can be customized according to customer requirements by selecting modules needed, flexible and scaleable features enable broad usage and meets higher requirements when needed.
Web based system working on a centralized server enables access from all Internet connected devices like computers, tablets and smartphones at the same time.
High-level security with user authorization levels, just authorized users can access critical data so data safety is ensured.
Provides a reference point for investments and saving processes, so return on investments and saving results can be easily analyzed.
Simplifies decision making processes with advanced reporting features like comparison analysis, ISO 50001 reports, category consumption monitoring, and scheduled reports.
No need for extra investments to start using KIO as it smoothly integrates and works with third party hardwares...
Web Based
Users can gain access to the system regardless of the platform, simply through a standard web browser.
Modular structure enables various expansion options on a single system according to the needs of the customers.
Advanced database features enable detailed device monitoring, parameter logging, analyzing and reporting.
Time Zone
Different time zones can be defined for the devices located at different regions with time zone support
HTTPS support, user passwords, function and profile based user authorization ensures a high-level system safety.
Load Share
Number of devices that communicate is infinite with load share, a single server supports more than 2.000 devices.