How to find out and monitor Energy Consuming Centers: This can be recorded by measuring the energy consumed by the machinery in lighting, heating, production departments or production processes. By the help of cross – check & comperative reports, one can easily make feasibility analyze for these centers.This will lead to understand decision makers about ROI in a short time.
For example; Energy consumptions are measured by KLEA energy analyzers at the inputs of production lines where same products are manufactured. Products  are counted by DI inputs of KLEA with sensors. All information is recorded on SystemOn remote monitoring software. The energy consumed per product at the desired time intervals is calculated and thus, a report can be prepared regarding which machine or department is operating more efficiently. More accurate decisions can be made regarding savings.
Water and Natural Gas consumption can be also measured by DI inputs of KLEA using  pulses and a consumption report can be prepared for each product in a similar way.

Calculating Energy Costs per Product: Energy cost per product can be reported by measuring number of products manufactured and total energy consumed for the manufacturing process. The most efficient manufacturing time can be found by carrying out this reporting process in certain times of a day or certain days of a month. 
For example: All products are counted by DI inputs of KLEA with sensors.Energy consumptions are measured by KLEA energy analyzers.Addition to this  WATER and NATURAL GAS consumption measurements can be performed with counters. Energy consumed per product is reported with desired time intervals. If required, these consumption values can be multiplied with current unit prices and added to product bill as local currency.

Reactive Energy Control: With RAPIDUS reactive control relay, you can achieve sensitive compensations and stay below the reactive penalty limit. You can monitor your system remotely and receive information on time.Configurated alarm system will prevent our customers from reactive penalties on their bill and lead them to have savings.
For example: Our customers can monitor compensation panel remotely with Rapidus reactive relay.One can set Q/P ind. and Q/P closing alarm limits on SystemOn software and set an alarm in case of exceeding this limit.Users can even define the e-mail addresses of certain users and make them get a warning via mail in case of an alert. 
Automatic Billing for Internal Subscribers: Energy values measured via SystemOn software can be billed to departments or internal subscribers as hourly, daily or monthly.
For example: If management supplies electricity, water and natural gas to internal users in shopping malls or organized industrial zones, electricity consumed is measured via KLEA energy analyzer and water and natural gas consumed are measured by KLEA DI inputs with counters producing pulses and these values are recorded. A bill can be prepared and printed automatically as to the unit price entered at certain time intervals.