The KLEMSAN 2018 Industrial Automation Show China ended successfully on September 23.
       The booth was very active, and audience gathered in our booth to get information regarding our products and exchange technologies.
At this exhibition, we did not only bring you traditional products such as terminal blocks, trunking, relays, power supplies, but also we introduced and explained in details the IOT based platform KLEMSAN Energy Management System KIO.

  • Pin Terminal

       In addition to screw-type and Spring Clamp-type rail terminals, KLEMSAN has also introduced StoP pin terminals for the railway and marine industries. StoP Series terminal has obtained IRIS certificates which are owned by only four companies worldwide. StoP Brochures

  • IRIS Certificate

       In 2017, Klemsan carried the IRIS certificate, which was owned by only four companies worldwide, to ISO/TS 22163 in 2018. IRIS Certificate

  • KLEMSAN KIO – IoT Solutions

       The KLEMSAN KIO platform can be applied to a wide range of industries including power, public transportation, renewable energy, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, factories, health services, and tourism. KIO

  • Thermal Printer

       The terminal tag card can be printed in 6 seconds. The number can be calculated to reduce ribbon waste and reduce costs. Perfect print mode for printing different types of materials. Automatic temperature sensors that adjust the print head according to the environment. KLECARD comes with three sensor management ribbons and print materials. KLECARD