Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association, or “TEMCA”, is the association that has a main role in improving the ethics and standards of the businesses involved in engineering and installation practices in Thailand. It consists of local electrical contractors and suppliers, also includes companies from the air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection and communication markets.

TEMCA fair is one of Thailand’s largest conference and exhibition held outside Bangkok, with the higher level of participation from leading companies from the market, such as manufacturers, contractors, designers and project managers.

There is a collaboration between TEMCA and the Thailand Provincial Electricity Authority under the concept of “M&E Thailand 4.0 All Together Better”. Since this also involves government collaboration, there’s a lot of contractors interested in participating to this fair. Furthermore, also project owners and electrical designers participated to this fair to stay up to date with new products and technology from the exhibitors.

This is our first time participating to the TEMCA fair. Our main purpose is to create awareness about the Klemsan brand in Thailand, since we’re new in the local market of electronic products. We’ve promoted our terminal blocks, wiring ducts, interface relays, protection relays, digital multimeters, power capacitors, power factor controllers.

However, the most attractive product is definitely our KIO platform (Klemsan Internet Objects) – as per government’s supporting guidelines in energy management – so visitors were particularly interested in our KIO as the features reveal to be useful and effective for their business. In addition, visitors requested additional information about our gateway products, along with information related to the WTOR.

Since this is the main event in the business, Klemsan would like to participate to the TEMCA fair in the following years to achieve a strong leadership position in the Thailand market.